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While some Elves make cookies or toys, your little Elves can enjoy shopping for gifts for Mom and Dad and the rest of the family all in the safe and non-commercial atmosphere of their own school when you select The Elf Shelf® for your Children's Holiday Store.

Since 1985 The Elf Shelf® Gift Shop program, with the help of concerned educators and parents, provides elementary age school children with a real life learning opportunity. Your children will learn how to budget their money while they shop for gifts for Mom, Dad and other members of the family. 



When you use The Elf Shelf® Gift Shop program for your schools Holiday Shop you:

DETERMINE YOUR OWN PROFIT MARGIN!!! - We sell to you Wholesale, you determine your own selling prices and profit margin.

(All items intended for children under 12 have been tested as required by new Federal Law (CPSIA)  Click here for proof of testing.

With The Elf Shelf® your school MAKES NO INVESTMENT!!!
With The Elf Shelf® your school TAKES NO RISKS!!!

With The Elf Shelf® your group RECEIVES FREE SALES AIDS!!! You will be Supplied with a flyers to announce your sale, gift guide envelopes for parents to help their children plan their purchases.  Plus, you will receive Table Cloths, Price Tents, Gift Bags for each Gift and Plastic Bags to carry the gift home in.


17 x 22 Elf Shelf® Posters to
advertise your sale

8-1/2 x 11 Elf Shelf® Flyers to
send home with your students

An Elf Shelf® Gift Guide envelope
for each student

Laser Design Gift Bags
for each Elf Shelf® gift

Plastic Bags to carry
 your Elf Shelf® gifts home in.

AN Elf Shelf® chairperson's Handbook to help guide you through the program


Full Color Elf Shelf® Price tents to place on your tables in front of the merchandise

Table Cloths to display your Elf Shelf® product on

AN Elf Shelf® Watch For Banner for out of doors

AN Elf Shelf® Has Arrived Banner for out of doors.

A Banner for the Elf Shelf®
Holiday Shop

A pre-programmed Cash Register to
make it easy for your Cashier and
provides an audit trail.
Not available in all areas.

With The Elf Shelf® your group RECEIVES FREE FREIGHT!!!

With The Elf Shelf® your group RECEIVES A GREAT PRODUCT SELECTION!!!  To view the current Elf Shelf® line of merchandise, please click here.

















The Elf Shelf is the in school holiday shop that gives you top quality products at good prices with great service. The Elf Shelf has nationwide network of regional distributors are ready to serve you. The Elf Shelf's product for children are CPSIA Compliant. The Elf Shelf has been around since 1989 and known by many names and descriptions:  The Elf Shelf, Elf Shelf, Elf Shelf Gift Shop, Elf Shelf Gifts, Elf Shelf Holiday Shop, Children's Gift Shop, Children's Elf Shelf Holiday Shop, Children's in school Gift Shop, Children's in School Holiday Shop, Elf Shelf Gift Shop fundraiser, Elementary School gift Shop, Elf Shelf Christmas Shop, etc.